The Sanford Center


Archives of the Afterlife a Paranormal Museum

Moundsville, West Viginia

The Archives of the Afterlife Museum is world famous and located within the haunted, former Sanford School, the mysterious Archive collection awaits your visit. The museum itself is a portal into a realm where history unites with mystery. The relics help illuminate the correlation of paranormal reports with factual historical representation thru research. The collection showcases a vast array of haunted, historical and cursed items ranging from embalming tables, caskets, idols, an iron bed frame from the Eloise Psychiatric Hospital and even an Execution Cap from the Former West Virginia State Penitentiary which was worn by nine inmates who were subjected to capital punishment thru electrocution. You will also find our “World of Wars” military display housing WWII German Death Cards, War Ravaged German Helmets directly from European battlefields, a BDU top & boots reported to be from a fallen United States Marine during Desert Storm and even a war damaged canteen from the infamous battle of Stalingrad, one of WWII’s most bloodiest battles.

Steve Hummel, the museum founder, also states there are "shadow people, physical touch, disembodied voices, unexplained sounds (doors closing, footsteps,..), light anomalies" in the former school.  We look forward to see what kind of spiritual remnants are left in this location!