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  • "From a young age, I always wanted to be a a paranormal investigator and I have set out to accomplish this dream.  I've always had a fascination with the paranormal, anything from cryptids to spirits to just explaining the unexplained.  Growing up, I would watch various television shows & read various books trying to learn more about why something is, or how it is, possible.  I am very curious in general on anything and everything and this is one of my biggest curiosities as to why it all happens and what happens.  I hope to find evidence that can explain some of the unexplained things along while uncovering some stories along the way."





  • Lead Investigator
  • Founded BSR Paranormal in 2013
  • I have been interested in the paranormal since a I was around 4 years old.  The first thing I ever saw was an elemental spirit looking in the window at me smiling.  As I got older, I had more and more experiences.  I have a background in Criminal Justice, which helps in debunking and getting the questions we need answered, answered.  I was the director of another team for two years when I decided to start my own. 
  • To contact Jennifer:   bsrparanormal@gmail.com






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  • Psychic Medium
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  • "As a young child I always was curious about the unknown. I find life after death to be intriguing. At the age of 8 our family moved into a home, I considered my childhood home. The very first evening of our stay, my grandparents had come to see the new home. After the visit, once in bed, I experienced a strange dream. My grandfather had come to talk to me. He came in the form of a tall tornado and was trying to give me a message. I cannot recall the message that he had given me. Shortly after the dream began I was awoken around 1 a.m. by my cousin. She had woken me up to let me know my grandfather had passed. At the age of eight I thought death was a myth. I had never had anyone in my life be gone, just like that. Little did I know this was just the beginning. Our Cherry Street home had its own dark past. For the next five years me and my siblings heard people walking, Electronics turn on, Whispers, touching and were told stories of what happened in the home from other individuals. It wasn't until I was an adult when I came across a man that I worked with who was currently living in our Cherry Street home. Once I let him know I had lived there as a child and had paranormal experiences, he showed me an article. In 1994 a year before our family moved in a young man named J. Perry who occupied the home committed suicide. My co-worker also confirmed that today the home is still active. I have had many other paranormal experiences since and have become more proactive. In 2015 I began conducting readings for people online. I would give the readings with a pendulum or photo readings to provide guidance or connect with past loved ones. Since joining the team in 2016 I have been touched, heard noises and recently seen apparitions. I am a self-proclaimed medium/sensitive. I am on a personal spiritual journey. However, joining the team has given me both a scientific and a sensitive's view on those living beyond the scope of reality."
  • To contact Clarissa: www.readingsbyclarissa.com



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  • Home Chapter:   Fort Wayne
  • "I got into the paranormal as a result of some unexplainable things that have occurred over the last few years. One of those being a shadow-like figure the size, shape, and build of my son peering around the corner at me to find that it wasn't my son because he was sound asleep as were the dogs. I've always been curious about the paranormal and since retiring from the Army I decided to get involved"



  • Team Member Since 2017
  • Home Chapter:  Fort Wayne Chapter