Tamela Meck

BSR Paranormal, the Indiana Chapter of the NADP, and Para-Cryptid Tours & Investigations

I have been fascinated by the paranormal since I saw my first spirit when I was a little girl.  Once I was older and kept experiencing things that I could not explain, I started investigating and researching the lands and houses where there have been unexplained encounters.  In 2016, I started investigating with BSR Paranormal and ended up joining in 2017 and in 2018, I also joined the Indiana Chapter of the NADP (North American Dogman Project)

I am also a certified Reiki Master and I also create and sell a line of holistic products infused with Reiki.  Currently, I am the Team Liaison and a Team Lead for BSR Paranormal and an Investigation Guide for Para-Cryptid Tours and Investigations.  In my spare time, I also investigate Sasquatch and enjoy the woods and outdoors while spending time with my family.

Barb Wyatt

SIGH  (Southern Indiana Ghost Hunters)and Para-Cryptid Tours and Investigations

 The Paranormal has been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember.

 My first experiences were of Native Americans at a very young age at our home at the time which was built on a Native American Burial Site.   As I grew older, and we moved away, I continued to have experiences and began to read and study any and everything I could on the subject and anything related to it.

After my son was grown, I began investigating on my own with a friend and continued my research.     In 2008, we met Mike Flickner , founder of the Southern Indiana Ghost Hunters, at Waverly Hills in Louisville, Kentucky.  After corresponding with him for several  weeks, we were asked to join him on a residential investigation.  After doing the investigation we were asked to join the group and help him revamp it as he was working at Waverly Hills seven days a week and was unable to do so.  I joined SIGH in early 2009 as an investigator and started setting up and doing things as a group and was soon offered the Case Managers position which I still hold.

 I am also a Lead Investigator, Group Researcher, and the Public Relations Representative for SIGH.  I work closely with Mike on the group's videos and was a Consultant and Editor on the Southern Indiana Ghost Hunters Chronicles.  I also set-up and work our classes, lectures, and events as well as co-host with others, such as Jenn Jacobs and BSR Paranormal at the World's Largest Ghost Hunt and the Women's Para Retreat Weekend and Conference.   SIGH, along with BSR Paranormal, were one of the top teams in evidence in the 2018 World's Largest Ghost Hunt and will be participating in 2019 as well with them.

I continue my studies on my own as well as with S.P.R , the Society for Psychical Research, and our group.  Much of our evidence is sent to S.P.R. for evaluation and studies and we have had evidence used on several shows on the Travel Channel, such as the FLIR footage on Ghost Adventures when they investigated Thornhaven Manor.   We are also very proud to be a Host of Teddy Neil who is a Teddy Bear from England and is a Children's Cancer Advocate.  We host him and take him on adventures with us personally, and as a group, to raise money for Children's Cancer Research and we have done this for several years now.

Team Leads