Kristin Lee

Owner of the Bellaire House, Psychic-Medium, Author and Reverend High Priestess

Owner/founder and researcher of the infamous Haunted Bellaire House is also a psychic/medium & master level mental health professional psychologist who works with families & their children to help overcome paranormal & demonic entities as well as helping give families a balance and overcome their traumatic paranormal experiences.

On a sabbatical, as a Reverend High Priestess of the old Stregerian religion, she also serves in her local community as a metaphysician, teaching haunted survivors new metaphysical tools to overcome past residual energy from demonic encounters. She implements psychological therapies to show families how to recondition their thought processes in order to choose a stable life.  She also executed coping mechanisms to the families to identify triggers & residual energy from their hellish encounters with the demonic & the paranormal.

Also trained in Demonology, by Bishop James Long, due Kristin Lee owning the Bellaire House and having to operate it as a afterlife research center, she is the only female in the world who administers psychological evaluations to families that are suffering residential paranormal activity or severe demonic hauntings. Through her psychological evaluations she is able to determine whether a family member has triggered demonic activity, or if anyone in the home is competent or incompetent to rule out any type of paranormal activity due to psychological issues. Kristin is a popular published author selling over 25k books and her second book about her paranormal research will be out in 2019!

She has appeared on the Bio Channel, Travel Channel, Destination America & Lifetime Television.

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Shetan Noir

Author, Researcher, and Michigan Chapter Representative for the NADP

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