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Renata Daniel

Renata Daniel is a psychic, medium, paranormal investigator, researcher, master Tarot reader, Reiki Master, Professional Counselor, qualified hypnotherapist and ghost Tour Guide.  By the way, that didn't happen overnight - but it did happen. 

She is also the CEO of the multi award winning Newcastle Ghost Tours, which is into its ninth successful year, and co-presenter of Frightfully Good Vodcast and Podcast, one-half of the Seance Sisters as well as Soul Works Tarot and Secret Witch Business.

Renata has spent her lifetime exploring paranormal activity and is as passionate about the topic as much now as ever.  She has also been conducting workshops and education opportunities over the last 10 years and is at her happiest when teaching

Anne Rzechowicz

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Saturday, June 6th

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Rhonda Russo

Psychic-Medium, Usui Reiki Master & Teacher, Animal Reiki, Crystal Reiki & Paranormal Reiki

Rhonda was born a psychic/intuitive and has been seeing ghosts, spirits and energy since childhood.  From time to time, she also offers Psychic-Medium/Intuitive readings. Rhonda has been a Paranormal Investigator for over 20 years--investigating private homes, businesses, and local sites. During her spare time, she also teaches multiple ghost hunting workshops, lectures about the paranormal at Frederick Community College and Frederick County Public Libraries. 

Being an Usui Reiki Master and teacher, who loves performing Reiki on animals--she is also an animal intuitive and has been her entire life, she also certifies Usui Reiki 1st, 2nd & 3rd/Teacher/Master degrees, Animal Reiki, Crystal Reiki and Paranormal Reiki, which her and her Reiki guide designed and created.  She also offers Pet CPR/First Aid Certification classes and is licensed in Wildlife Removal. Rhonda is also an ordained metaphysical clergy and has appeared in numerous local newspapers, on radio, Podcast and YouTube shows, and is a published author.  She works as an "Animal Care Specialist" at a local Nature Center, is a paid docent at Rose Hill Manor Children's Museum, and runs her family business.

You can visit her on her website at:www.bumpinthenightinvestigations.com or on Facebook at: www.facebook.com/ghostghoulies. 


Maria Schmidt

Founder & President of Haunted Journeys and Thriller Events

Founder of World's Largest Ghost Hunt / National Ghost Hunting Day

Founder and president of Haunted Journeys™, Maria is inspired in community collaboration within the paranormal field, enhancing public awareness for the contributions and benefits of the haunted tourism industry.  High in Maria’s focus with the work she applies, is historical preservation. From there, their motto was created ... "A Haunting is History seeking to be Heard." She is sound in belief that Historic Preservation should not be overlooked as an Economic Driver, and through these voices this is heightened. 

As a Registered Nurse, her paranormal experiences with the after-life were enhanced working with gerontology and the death & dying stages of life.  Later as a marketing manager of one of the most haunted inns in Florida, Seven Sister Inn, her curiosity for scientifically approaches were further intensified. She saw there was purpose for their messages.

In addition, through Haunted Journeys™, her vision led to the formal proclamation and commission of National Ghost Hunting Day™ as a certified calendar entry.  To celebrate this date annually, an event was internationally launched called the World’s Largest Ghost Hunt™ engaging millions around the world. Celebrated on the last Saturday of each September, this global event dedicates itself to Historic Preservation, unity among stakeholders in the Paranormal Investigation field and Public awareness of the respectful merits and contribution of the haunted industry to the tourism market.


Traci Boiselle

Lead Investigator & Case Manger for TAPS Home Team

(The Atlantic Paranormal Society and Ghost Hunters, as seen on SyFY)

The Atlantic Paranormal Society (TAPS)  is the paranormal research group that was featured on SyFy’s Ghost Hunters.  The group, founded in 1990, continues to carry out its original mission to assist those who believe they are experiencing paranormal activity in their homes and businesses despite Ghost Hunters going off air.  Traci leads this totally volunteer group as they provide confidential investigations and conduct community outreach all over New England.

Being a TAPS investigator since 2008, and Case Manager/Lead Investigator for the team since 2010, Traci is
proud to carry out the mission of founder Jason Hawes.  She feels it is her calling in life to help the teams’
living clients as well as the spirits that she works with.  Traci feels there is nothing more rewarding than
having a client tell her that the team has helped their family to feel safe and at ease in their home.

TAPS is also dedicated to educating the public on all aspects of the paranormal field, and Traci presents
regularly throughout Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts on various topics related to the field.
She has also taught two, 8-week long adult education programs on researching the paranormal in her
home state of Connecticut and has led many teaching investigations.  When she is not researching the paranormal, Traci is an avid equestrian, who also enjoys hiking and fitness.

3pm - 4:45pm

Psychic-Medium Gallery with Beth Deering

Psychic-Medium Beth Deering will be holding a gallery reading from 3pm sharp till 4:45pm, doors will be locked at 3pm so that those attending will not be disturbed.  The price for this reading gallery is included in your conference ticket. 

Additional information coming soon