BSR Paranormal

September Meetings & Events

September 8th & 9th:  CIL-Con

                                             **Cross Country Mall, 700 Broadway Ave, Mattoon, IL

                                             **Jennifer will be giving a presentation Cryptids at this event

September 16th:   Non-Con 2--Free Event

                                     **Poattstown Elementary School, 6600 Trenton Franklin Rd,

                                        Middletown, Ohio

                                     **Possible Dogman investigation afterwards with the NADP founders

                                        in Germantown

September 16th & 17th:  Spirit Fest

                                                 **Camp Chesterfield, Indianapolis, IN

September 30th: Combined Fort Wayne and Michiana Chapter Meeting

                                  **Meeting at 6pm at Pizza Hut, 2000 N. Walnut Street, Hartford City,


                                  **Indoor hunt at the Mysterious Monroe House.  Cost is $30 per person

You MUST attend the meeting
in order to go on
the investigation

You must purchase
your own meal
pay for the investigation

BSR Paranormal is not responsible for meals or investigations