Prabhupada's Palace of Gold, Moundsville, West Virginia

The Palace writes,

"Overlooking the Appalachian hills and valleys, Prabhupada's Palace of Gold is reminiscent of an Indian kingdom.

Enjoy leisurely walks through our award winning gardens or sit by the lotus pond and enjoy a smoothie.

Inside, see sunlight colors through thirty-one stained glass windows reflected in crystal chandeliers and mirrored ceilings. Walk upon intricate marble floors and inlaid walls. Fifty-two varieties of marble and onyx imported from Europe, Asia and Africa.

In the Grand Hall hangs a giant French chandelier over 150 years old. Murals depicting ancient Indian classics are painted on the ceiling in the tradition of Renaissance masters. Walls and pillars are accented with semi-precious stones and pure gold. Under the thirty-ton main dome is a 4200 piece crystal ceiling.

Four royal peacock windows display more than 1,500 pieces of hand-crafted stained glass. Peacock and lotus motifs pervade the Palace, etched into numerous windows and carved into doors. Peacocks are traditionally associated with Royalty and Lord Krishna, who wears a peacock feather in His hair.

Prabhupada's Palace of Gold is worth the trip to WV...". 

You will have the option to join us on either Saturday evening or Sunday evening for a private tour of this architectural marvel.  Tickets are sold separately from your packages.