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Para-Cryptid Tours and Investigations

Who and what is Para-Cryptid Tours and Investigations?

  • Para-Cryptid Tours and Investigations (PCTI) is founded by a member of the paranormal community with an established team in the field.  She is also a speaker and involved with not only ghost hunting, but the cryptid community as well.  Due to her love of the paranormal, she have decided to share it with those who want to investigate with someone in the field and to help educate those interested in the paranormal. 
  • PCTI offers investigating with a "twist"
    • Investigating with a "twist" means that you have a options when you investigate with PCTI.  You will have seasoned paranormal investigation guides that will lead your "mini-team".  The investigation guides have been in the field for several years and a many have established teams in the paranormal community.  If you choose to join us on a cryptid investigation(i.e. Sasquatch, Dogmen, Mothman), you will be led by, and meet, some of the top cryptid researchers in the world.

What is investigating with a "twist"?

  • PCTI will give you a variety of options to choose from when you book with them.  If the location is over two hours away or out of state, you may have the option to spend the night if it proves to be cost effective for everyone.  The founder is just like the rest of us, if the price isn't right, we won't be spending the night! (we'll be driving home)
  • For some investigations, you will have the option to either ride in a chauffeured passenger van or drive yourself, especially if you live closer to the location than we do! 
    • By riding with PCTI, you won't have the wear and tear on your personal vehicle, you won't have to worry about gas money, nor will you have to worry about getting tired driving home and having to find a hotel for the night
    • You will get to know your fellow investigators and investigations guides and quite possibly make lifelong friends
    • You can ask question about the location we're investigating, where others have investigated, our opinion on photos or evidence you have. 
    • You can share your paranormal stories and encounters with like-minded individuals
    • You can discuss the paranormal with others and not be judged or shunned
  • On some tours and investigations, we will offer meal plans for you so you don't have to worry about bringing extra cash along for meals
  • On all tours and investigations we will provide snacks, food, and drinks.  We understand how a long investigating can affect your energy!
  • If it a large location and offers a daytime tour, you will be offered that option as well
  • PCTI will also be offering packages for conferences, para-fairs, meet and greets, etc. throughout the year

Payments for the tours and investigations

  • PCTI understands what it's like to be on a budget and would love to have all the money upfront for each tour and investigation, but we also understand that sometimes that just isn't possible, therefore, we offer payment plans with a minimum down payment.  If you would like a payment plan, just let us know by e-mail us at or message us on Facebook at Para-Cryptid Tours and Investigations

Warnings and Side-Notes for Investigating the Paranormal

  • PCTI cannot guarantee activity at investigation locations
  • Investigation locations can be active
    • By "active" we mean there is a possibly you may be touched, pushed, scratched, attacked, etc. by a spirit.        All spirits aren't warm and fuzzy!
  • PCTI recommends those who are pregnant do not attend investigations.  If you decide to, you will need to sign a special liability waiver
  • If you have heart problems we do not recommend you attend
  • If you have seizures, there may be equipment that will bring these on.  If you attend an investigation, you will need to make PCTI aware and sign a special liability waiver
  • Basically if you can't ride it at an amusement park, we don't recommend you attend an investigation
  • Please be aware that during a cryptid investigation you will be outdoors and certain hazards do arise from this--snakes, spiders, etc.  You need to be aware of your surroundings and use caution.  Cryptids, just as bears, will charge and attack, please be aware of this.

If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know!

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