The Michiana Paranormal Fair will be held  in Goshen, Indiana and is FREE for EVERYONE!

(do to finalizing the contract we are unable to announce the location just yet, please check back soon!)

We are looking for vendors of all kinds, teams, and speakers in the paranormal field

  • If you're interested in joining us and sharing your items or paranormal knowledge, please e-mail or message us on Facebook at Michiana Paranormal Fair

We will be announcing a very special guest within the next few weeks that is from the Michiana area



Psychic Desirae

  • Desirae is from Warsaw, Indiana.  She has over 12 years of experience doing readings and is from Warsaw, Indiana. She specialized in Palm Reading, Tarot Card, Chakra Readings, and home cleansing.

Cryptid Researchers

  • Shetan Noir
    • Shetan is a Dogman researcher from Michigan.  She also runs the Michigan Chapter of the North American Dogman Project (NADP)

Teams Attending

MPI is a small group of people that came together because of our personal paranormal experiences and our curiosity in finding answers to what we experienced. We investigate homes,business,schools, cemeteries.  We are located in Mishawaka,Indiana and investigate northern Indiana and lower Michigan.

BSR Paranormal is based out of Northern Indiana and has two chapters--Michiana and Fort Wayne.  We investigate anything from ghosts to aliens to Mothmen to Sasquatch to Dogman and anything in between and do not charge a fee.  If you can't explain it, we will try to.  After each of our monthly meetings we have an investigation--you must attend the meeting to attend the investigation.  The investigation can be either a ghost hunt or a cryptid investigation.

Paranormal Tour Companies

Para-Cryptid Tours & Investigations (PCTI)

  • PCTI offers investigating with a "twist"
    • Investigating with a "twist" means that you have options when you investigate with us.  You will have seasoned investigation guides that will lead your "mini-team".  The investigation guides have been in the field for several years and a few have established teams in the paranormal community.  If you choose to join us on a cryptid investigation (i.e. Sasquatch, Dogmen, Mothman), you will be led by, and meet, some of the top cryptid researchers in the US.
    • We will give you a variety of options to choose from when you book with us.  If the location is over two hours away or out of state, you may have the option to spend the night, if it proves to be cost effective for everyone.  The founder is just like the rest of us, if the price ain't right, we won't be spending the night--we'll be driving home!