BSR Paranormal is an organization located in Northern Indiana.  We have chapters in Fort Wayne, Indiana and Elkhart, Indiana.  We research to either confirm or deny any paranormal activity that may be going on.  We invite anyone to join, whether you have experience or not.  We also provide services for homes and businesses alike at no-cost; we do however, take donations.

We are also community oriented and believe in giving back to those around us.  We offer events throughout the year that are focused on informing and educating the public on the paranormal.  We also participate in public events, such as conferences, lectures, presentations, etc., that is open to all ages and we offer public investigation throughout the year for all ages.

Each chapter has one meeting per month--the Michiana Chapter has one in Elkhart and the Fort Wayne Chapter has one in Fort Wayne, each with an investigation that follows.  However, we do travel so please check the meeting calendar or Facebook to see where will be meeting.  Everyone that is a member, or person(s) who is interested in becoming a member, may attend.  There is no charge for your first meeting and *investigation. 

If you are interested in joining us, you must fill out the membership packet--it can either be e-mailed to you or filled out at the meeting.  The investigation following the meeting will be part of your interview.  The rest of your interview will be scheduled before our next chapter meeting in your area with the team for a more personal interview.  Due to certain situations that have come up,  we are no longer accepting everyone that wants to join.  If you have certain medical conditions, this may not be the type of team you would join.  This would be due to not knowing what we would encounter or the situation we may be in such as encountering a Dogman, Sasquatch, negative entity, climbing stairs, etc.. 

The main things we look for in a team member is

  • Someone who is dedicated
  • Someone who is honest
  • Teamwork
  • Cohesion with the current team members
  • Someone that is professional
  • Someone that is not rude
  • Someone that can work with people from all walks of life
  • Someone who is willing to travel
  • Someone who is willing to attend public events, public investigations, etc. in and out of town
  • Someone that is willing to do what they say they will do
  • Someone with a willingness to learn
  • Someone who does not mind people who have a different religious preference or a different lifestyle
  • Above all, you MUST have a positive attitude

The cost to join BSR Paranormal is

  • $20.00 for an individual
  • $30.00 for couple
  • $40.00 for a family (up to 4)  
  • Anyone who is under 18 years of age will be required to have written permission to attend.  Anyone between 14 years of age and 16 years of age will be required to attend with a parent or guardian.  Anyone 13 years of age or younger will not be permitted to attend night time hunts unless it is an all ages event. 
  • Membership fees are due when a membership offer is extended to you

If you are interested in more information about BSR Paranormal please feel free to contact us at bsrparanormal@gmail.comor fill out the information on our "Contact Us" page.  Please include your name, information you are requesting, and contact information.  You MUST provide your e-mail address and please make sure to unblock our emailaddress so our response does not go to SPAM.

**We do not allow members who are racist, sexist, or anyone with a negative background (i.e. child molesters, domestic battery, rape, child pornography, sex trafficking, etc).  If you try to hide this information from us, we will find out via several free public websites.  Please be upfront and honest with us.  This is due to working with private individuals, working with public at workshops, public events, children at events and our Junior Paranormal Investigators.**

**There may be a fee required at some hunt locations.  This will paid per individual, not B.S.R. Paranormal

**You must pay for your own dinner, BSR Paranormal is not responsible for itIf you are having dinner with us, please tip your server according (i.e. bill is $12.00, tip would be 20% or $2.40)