BSR Paranormal

What To Bring On An Investigation

(These are NOT required)

  • Be prepared for the weather.  Bring your coat, raincoat, hat, bug spray, etc.
  • If your hair is can be pulled back, bring a hair tie.  Hair  strands can be false evidence
  • Bring a flashlight.  We don't want your tripping and falling in the dark
  • Pen and paper.  This can be important for taking notes at the meeting, as well as, taking notes for when on a hunt
  • Digital Camera or  35mm
  • Voice Recorder
  • Extra Batteries
  • Video Camera, especially if you have a Night Vision Camera
  • Extra film
  • Thermometer
  • K2 device
  • Mel Meter
  • Ovilus
  • Frank's Box
  • Laser Grid
  • REM Pod
  • Infrared Camera
  • FLIR Camera
  • Full Spectrum Camera
  • Dowsing Rods
  • Motion Sensors