Saturday, April 5th

Stimson Hospital

Eaton Rapids, Michigan

Stimson Hospital dates back to the late 1800's and was a private residence before being turned into a hospital.

During the 40 years it was a hospital, it saw more of the "critical injuries" that occurred in the area.  At least one doctor, Dr. Blanchard, is know to have died here when he fell down an empty elevator shaft--he is said to befriend children.  

If you're curious as to what types of activity occurs here, there are have been reports of

  • Being touched
  • Appliances malfunctioning
  • Objects moving on their own
  • Phantom footsteps
  • Strange noises in the basement and 2nd floor
  • Disembodied voices
  • Shadow figures

You can choose to join us on the investigation only or you can choose to stay at the hotel we are--the Comfort Inn in Charlotte, Michigan.

Saturday, November 23

Historic Kosciusko County Jail

Warsaw, Indiana

Join us for our final investigation of the year at one of our favorite locations.   There is nothing negative here, just curious and willing to communicate!

The jail is one of the most active locations we investigate and it changes each time we go.  We have communicated with

  • Annie, a young woman who was brutally murder while going to the outhouse.  She also love to communicate and touch young men to let them know she is there--just ask our team member Damian!
  • Pete--who was lynched outside the building.  He tends to follow Jenn around and hang around her while we're there
  • Mr. Bates--he committed suicide for being falsely accused of rape.  He loves to communicate with team member Jutta and even told us he thinks she's pretty when asked
  • You can smell cigar smoke in the Sheriff's residence and hear a man talking
  • Children have been seen and heard
  • You can see full body shadows on the catwalk around the men's block
  • You can audibly hear answers

So join us and see who you will find at the jail!

Saturday, March 21st

William Peter Mansion

Columbiaville, Michigan

This is a new location for investigators to explore and was part of the World's Largest Ghost Hunt in 2019.

For those that have visited The Mansion they have encountered mysterious smells, being touched--particularly the legs, voices, stomping, and one person was woken up by something that sounded like someone vacuuming on the floor above them!  Each year in the fall, from the time school starts to the end of October, the entire town/village becomes a hotbed of activity with not only the William Peter Mansion and the local cemetery being active, but private homes, local businesses, the schools, and more.
The Mansion has four floors with plenty of room for those wanting to investigate.  It also have several bedrooms for participants interested in spending the night.  In the morning you will get a home cooked breakfast to start your day and your drive home.

If you feel you aren't ready to stay in a haunted B&B, we are also offering packages with hotel accommodations in Davison, Michigan at the Best Western.  

Saturday, April 18th

The Hinsdale House

Hinsdale, New York

Known as one of the most terrifying and violent houses in New York.  The house has a history of ghostly manifestations, levitating objects, and even an exorcism.  For many years the Dandy family worked with a priest from St. Bonaventure University, he was at the house more than once to perform an exorcism which worked for awhile but as time went by the Dandy family lost the battle and ended up leaving the house for good.  As the years passed by a few families have lived in the home but didn’t stay for long.

Within days of moving in, the Dandy family began to experience strange paranormal activity that only continued to grow worse as time went on. Most often the phenomena would manifest in the form of mysterious phone calls and a variety of poltergeist activity. Sometimes, the family would even hear chanting emanating from the nearby woods.

At one point, the family then began seeing full-body apparitions of woman in white, bizarre animal-human hybrids, even what they believed could be demonic, non-human entities.  One of the more frighting stories the family would go on to tell was of a night when they noticed a group of strange faces staring in their windows. However, when Mr. Dandy ran outside to chase away the trespassers, the faces reversed and were then peering back at him from the inside of the house.  It was at this point that the hauntings began to turn violent. Objects began levitating around the house, and at one point a lamp from the living room threw itself at one of the Dandy daughters. The last straw came when Mr. Dandy experienced a state of amnesia, unable to remember some of the most frightening incidents.

When Father Alphonsus came to the house, this is when things turned even more violent.  Lights in the house were turning on and off, unexplainable banging filtered through the walls, and a terrible sense of an evil presence drifted through the home. 

Documentation on the Hinsdale House continued in 2000, when Clara Miller-Dandy penned the book “Echoes of a Haunting”, which detailed her family’s terrifying experiences while they lived in the home from July 1973 to October 1974.For more information, visit Week in Weird at

Sunday, April 19th

Wildwood Sanatarium

Salamanca, New York

A sign located on the property reads; (1909) "The sanitarium and bath house is now open and for the treatment of all conditions except infectious and contagious diseases. We have endeavored to make the conditions inside the house as pleasant as possible and will try to give each patient individual attention."

Haunted History Trail of New York State writes "The Wildwood Sanitarium was officially opened in 1906 as a Sanitarium and Bath House.  It was a holistic healing center and the only one of its kind in NYS at the time it opened.  Dr. Henderson and Dr. Perry specialized in Osteopathy Therapy and also welcomed in patients seeking a cure for alcoholism, drug addiction, all all conditions except infectious and contagious diseases.  Offering each patient individual attention and offered a bath house in the basement.  Later, it became a Tuberculosis Clinic in 1923, then owned by several different families and later opened as apartments.  Over the years it has been known to have paranormal activity including shadow figures, orbs, Electronic Voice Phenomenon and people have reported being touched or pushed."

Saturday, May 2nd

The Gill House and OSR Tour

Galion, Ohio & Mansfield, Ohio

On Saturday, May 2nd, we will be investigations The Gill House in Galion, Ohio.  It is a must see if you're in the area! 

On Sunday, you will have the opportunity to tour the Ohio State Reformatory Prison in Mansfield, Ohio and attend the ParaPsyCon going on at the prison that day as well.

Below is information about The Gill House along with a few haunting facts aboutit.  Below that, you will find the packages that we will be offering for these investigations--don't forget, we do take payment plans!

The Gill House
Haunted Journeys reports, "A story that has passed from generation to generation, tells of its frequent visitors, including Henry Ford and Thomas Edison. An ancestral granddaughter to the original Gill family, Mary Jane Williams Vail, claims that Henry Ford was acquainted with her grandfather. In fact, when Ford came to visit in the early 20th century, his drive into Galion gave local people a glimpse of the first automobile seen in Galion. Wonder if this Ford Country?

It is also noted that Harvey Firestone stopped at the Gill House for lunch in August 1923 after attending the funeral of President Warren G. Harding in Marion.

Today, after undergoing continuous historic renovations, the Gill House can easily take on the title as one of the most haunted properties in Ohio! Many paranormal investigators have claimed this place is packed-full with activity. Compelling paranormal evidence has been gathered by many brave enough to investigate this historic property. Visitors to Gill House from various groups report similar paranormal activity, such as a little girl in white."

To read more about this location, visit the article on the Haunted Journeys website at