03.10.2018--Kosciusko County Jail Museum

  • Jenn's Investigation Log

            "This was my 5th or 6th investigation of the jail, and usual, I came away with personal experiences and a lot of evidence. 

              We started in the bullpen and were seeing white flashes and I saw something that look white walk in from of the jail cell 

              door that has the saws inside; we may also have an evp that says "saw".  While taking photos of the corner that I had the

              laser grid in, my digital camera kept tracking something.  Upon using the SB-7 spirit box, we received several answers 

             and a few that didn't come through the SB-7 that you can hear on the recording.  While using the pendulum, we spoke to 

             a  little girl named "Mandy", short for Amanda and a man named Jimmy--we later found Jimmy written on the wall

            upstairs.  While reviewing the recorder from the bullpen, I heard male voices, female voices, a voice possibly speaking in a

            foreign language, someone walking around, something being moved on the table, deep breaths/sighs, a child screaming

           "no", a possible "shhh", and the "whistle" that is new to the jail. 

            I am still reviewing evidence from woman's quarters and the Sheriff's home.  I can tell you however that I  was sitting on

           one end of the bunk and Cindy was on the other end and I thought she leaned over twice to look at the K2 because I saw

           what looked like light brown/blonde hair to my right.  At one point, I asked Katie if she was okay because she looked like she

           was going to cry, Cindy also saw this, and she said she was fine--her face had changed . 

           In the Sheriff's home, Katie interacted with more children and at one point, I thought she said "I'm hungry".  When I asked

           her if she said it, she said she did not.  Therefore, I concluded that I audibly heard a child speaking to us that they were


  • Cindy's Investigation Log

          "1.  Left side got very cold while sitting at the table in the men's holding area

           2.  Heard footsteps while in the living room

           3.  Heard a yell/scream while we were upstairs in the living room

           4.  Saw flashes of white while in the men's holding area by the cell that has all the hand tools in it

           5.  Nasty smell that cam on all of a sudden and went away on it's own by the stairs that go to the 2nd floor cells

           6.  Several interactions with the K2 when asking questions

           The overall investigation had many things happen--flashes of light, strong odors, touching, and cold spots.  Very interesting

           location and cannot wait to go back!

  • Katie's Investigation Log

          We did the initial walk thru and even before we began I was being drawn towards the upstairs--unexplained as to why, I just had a to


          We began downstairs in the main part of the jail, experiencing various K2 hits and some battery issues.  At one point in time, during

          the investigation, I would say an hour in, I felt a sensation that someone placed their hand on my left lower back/ bottom area, as

          if they were “feeling my rear up”--the sensation went away after having admitted to it.  Clarissa also said she felt a

          similar sensation on her right side (we were sitting on a bench from left to right , if you were behind us, Clarissa, Jennifer B andmyself).

         Nothing else odd seemed to happen downstairs.  We took a short break and headed upstairs toward solitairy. At this time i had the K2

         meter in my left hand, it seemed pretty silent.  The group was sitting in the women's holding cell--Jenn and Cindy on one side facing

         Jennifer and myself.  Glenda was standing in the entry facing inward.

         After starting the initial investigation in the room, it personally felt like someone was standing to my right
(my right was facing the jail

        cell door in the back of the cell).  I kept looking over and no one was there.  After a while, my right leg started to get cold, like someone

        was standing next to me and then in front of me.  Jenn took pictures of this, the first one was blurry the others seemed fine.  I only

        reviewed it for a moment though. I got uncomfortable sitting in that spot so i switched seats with Cindy. Sitting there, my left hand felt

        cold, like it was brushing against someone--the best way to explain is if you're on a crowded subway and someone is standing in front

        of  you and your hand is against their bag or jeans. I mentioned out loud that my hand felt cold and as soon as i did it moved from my

        left hand to my right, as if someone was getting out of the way. We left the cell after the activity seemed to go quite and we moved

        around to the school room.

        In the school room Jenn set up the K2 and the voice recorder and starting asking questions about school. We heard what sounded like

       foot steps coming up the metal steps. Also, shortly after that i felt kids “playing”.  It sounded like being outside at recess--laughing

       and some screaming (joyful/playful screaming). At that point i turned on my flashlight and we decided to take a short break to


    After that we went upstairs to the living quarters and the kitchen

  • Holding the K2, walking thru the upstairs just sweeping room from room, it seemed like something might be walking next to me, just the feeling like someone was close to my hip. I was drawn to the “matchbox room” (it was the room with all the matchboxes on the wall) and as soon as i said “i want to go in there for some reason”, it literally felt like i had to.  After i said that, I heard footsteps in that room like someone was walking around. It went away shortly and we kept walking thru. We finally settled in the “train room” .  Jenn set-up the voice recorder and the spirit box. We began talking to whomever was there. After a while, I still felt someone close to my hip, just “hanging out”.

         After a bit, what felt like a small hand reached up and held onto my left hand--it was a cold hand and I shook it off because I was

         taken by surprise and I said “stop that”. After I said that, Jenn asked if I said “I'm hungry".  I told her “no” and she had thought when

         I moved that I had said it.  Right after that I felt like someone small had wrapped there hands around my legs to hold

         on. I had shaken that off and we decided to walk down to the kitchen, because someone heard “I’m hungry".

         In the kitchen, we did some more stuff with the spirit box. I kept looking over at the stairs
(you get a clear view of them from the

         kitchen) and I felt like someone was hanging around the stairs, like a kid listening in on a conversation sitting there, and most of my

        attention was focused on that. Finally it came down to I had to protect myself and tell everyone to step back, I found that I couldn't.

        Every time I went to say step back or leave me alone, it felt like a lump in my throat with intense sorrow. The only thing I got out was

       “alright it times for bed, go to bed".  Once i said that, it felt like everything lifted for me personally and then we packed up and left.

       **Note:  I did not have any recording devices in my possession. Just what I heard and felt with my own self. I am still new to

          investigations so I did not take very detailed notes, a few other things may have happened I just wrote what I clearly recalled.