Welcome to B.S.R. Paranormal

Beyond the Scope of Reality

Welcome to B.S.R. Paranormal--the newest  non-profit paranormal group in Fort Wayne, Indiana.  Our mission is to use scientific methods and procedures to investigate paranormal activity.   

B.S.R. Paranormal investigates anything from ghosts to aliens to Mothmen to Bigfoot  (see below for important information) and anything in between and do not charge a fee.  If you can't explain it, we will try to.  We do public investigations after our monthly meetings, which are usually ghost hunts,  and we also do private investigations at homes and businesses. 

If you need a house cleansing, we do offer those services too.  If it is beyond our reach, we do have contacts that we can have get in touch with you.

If you would like to contact B.S.R. Paranormal, please e-mail us at bsrparanormal@gmail.com and you will receive an

answer within 24 - 48 hours.

Current Happenings


May 31st 

at 7pm

If you're having dinner with us,

please be there at 6:15pm

Monthly Meeting with Hunt to follow

Meeting will be held at the

Culver's Restaurant

Washington Center,

by IHOP just

off of I-69

The monthly hunt

will be


Please dress accordingly

If you have any questions,

please email Jennifer at


Bigfoot Hunt


B.S.R Paranormal

will be joining

The Sasquatch Hunters

in June 2014

for a

Bigfoot Hunt

in Michigan

You must be a member of

BSR Paranormal

that is in good standing to attend this hunt

To check out The Sasquatch Hunters' website, please click their name above